Blind date slang definition

Make it look good for the next day or two and if it falls down after that - hey well we only bodged it. Pukka - This term has been revived recently by one of our popular young TV chefs.

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Fast freight carrying fruit or cattle. Joint rail - A hobo term for bolted rail track. Hobo stove 2 - Camping near a junkyard is a good thing. Helicopter pad - A badly bashed q. Now you know why it has taken me 3 years to add it in here.

I loved watching Brits being interviewed on US chat shows and embarrassing the interviewer when they said something was "total crap". As in "I'm all right Jack Fuck you" or "don't be jack, let me have one of your goffas".

Mate means friend or chum. Auch "Split Two Pair" genannt. Barbecue - After firing weapons at the range, or on exercise, the unit will spend as long as it takes to clean all the weapons. Rachel 5 years ago You have no idea how much of this I recognised Cyclone Training - To be spread out on ones bed as if to be holding down your bed in a cyclone.

You are so right, and I am forever using it. Not meant to be a nice expression, of course.

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Hotshot - A train with high priority over other traffic. Bastardisation - An archaic term used in reference to illegal initiations and punishments that often involved putting subordinates or peers in highly irregular situations. Willy - Another word for penis.

Nun My meanest teachers were currents [Thanks to Aziz McMahon] Nutter crazy Roll and Butter That blokes a bloody roland [Like titfer meaning hat, this expression uses the first two words rather than just the first.

Cheers - This word is obviously used when drinking with friends. He knew where everyone lived and tapped on the bedroom windows with a long stick, and was known as a "knocker up".

POS acronym can be extended if need be i. Kids thought all cool stuff was ace, or brill. Joints cause the railroad's clickity-clack.

Fast train; frequently a freight made up of merchandise and perishables. People commonly think that the meeting between Jack London and A-No. One of the really crispy ones. A term of endearment used by Indonesian linguists as a substitute for "mate". Or you could say an event went down like a bomb and it would mean that the people really enjoyed it.

blind date definition: 1. a romantic social meeting between two people who have never met each other: 2. either of the people who meet for a blind date3. a social meeting arranged between two people who have never met before, or one of the people involved in this. Learn more.

blind (blīnd) adj. blind·er, blind·est 1. a. Sightless. b. Having a maximal visual acuity of the better eye, after correction by refractive lenses, of one-tenth normal vision or less (20/ or less on the Snellen test).

c. Of, relating to, or for sightless persons. 2. a. Performed or made without the benefit of background information that might. Definition of blind date written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations.

The word escort can be a noun or a verb — "your escort escorts you." This word is derived from the Latin excorrigere, a participant in a blind date (someone you meet for the first time when you have a date with them) Type of:.

COMMON A blind date is an arrangement made for you to spend time with someone you have never met before to see if you would like to have a romantic relationship with them. My cousin met a man on a blind date and they went out for six years. Once went on a blind date,was a disaster, a mistake, dont go anywhere with peeps you dont know, it dosent matter if your friend set you up with them.

If you do go watch out. Guess you have to take your risks. - then again you can find a rare gem or someone dateable this way and they might be safe or cool.

Blind date slang definition
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