Why some firms locate their facilities where product liability laws are lax in testing new products

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International Product Liability Laws

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Product liability lawsuits brought by individual consumers or groups of consumers can become costly and lengthy.

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They can also receive compensation for their economic damages including medical costs and property damage and for non-economic damages such as pain and suffering. To qualify as a consumer protection group and to be permitted to file such lawsuits, an organization must meet certain conditions and have the endorsement of government officials.

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Outsourcing? Lax US Labour Laws Attract Overseas Companies

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As Firms Attempt To Internationalize They May Be Tempted To Locate Their Facilities Where Business Regulation Laws Are Lax Discuss The Advantages And Potential Risks. to product liability law), Justice Cardozo wrote as follows: We hold, then, that the principle of [inherent danger] is not limited to poisons, explosives, and things of like nature, to things which in their normal operation are.

As firms attempt to internationalize, they may be tempted to locate their facilities where product liability laws are lax in testing new products. Describe some examples in which this motivation is the driving force behind international expansion.

Hate speech, misinformation, harassment, terrorism, sexual exploitation: The public’s demand that social media do more about these and other daunting problems is growing. Unlike the Product Liability Directive, which applies to virtually all products, the General Product Safety Directive applies only to a product intended for consumers or likely to be used by consumers whether new, used or reconditioned.

Why some firms locate their facilities where product liability laws are lax in testing new products
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